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“We accompany you in the continuous search of success

for your Company, Project or Business through 

our personalized Interim Management.”

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What is an Interim Manager?

An independent professional with extensive experience in direction and management who joins a company or project externally to carry out a very specific executive mission, for a specified period of time and with previously defined objectives. For more information

Our part-time value-added Interim Management services: 

Customized sessions with 
Interim senior managers

         - Business and Projects situation analysis and viability check

- Transition Plans (TP) development:


  • TP of People and Departments

  • TP of Business Models

  • TP of Joint-Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • TP of Implementation in new Countries or Regions, Activity sectors, Market segments or Channels for Business development


- Contingency development Plans

Strategies for Business growth
or Project development

Value searching and Value capturing strategies

- Unique Value Proposition (UVP) check


- Value-oriented Lean Management


- Benchmarking of Value Leaders


- Continuous Value Capturing Plans


- Value Chain Integration (SCM)

- From Start-Up to MVB* or MVP*


- Viable Scale-Up plans

- Plans to consolidated EBITDA-Up

- Corporate Finance plans:

Financing & Investment

(Public + Private)

- Commercial Plans & New Markets analysis, approach and development

(*) Minimum Viable Business or Project


“Sucess is not definitive nor is fatal the failure, is the courage to continue what counts”

Winston Churchill

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